School Feedback

Our school values feedback from parents and children. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive and where suggestions for improvements are made, these are welcomed and discussed. We address any areas of concern quickly and effectively. We feed back to parents via the school newsletter and/or email.

Our most recent surveys of parents and children were conducted in April 2015 using the OFSTED questionnaire and the results can be seen in the documents below:

Parent's Survey Results

Pupil's Survey Results

We were especially pleased with the overwhelmingly positive parent’s response to the questionnaire; particularly with reference to the progress made by children and the quality of the information we provide with regard to progress. (These are two areas on which we have worked very hard.) The pupil surveys were equally positive- again, the children told us that they made good progress and learned a lot in school, that they are well looked after and that they are told when they are doing well.

In our last Parents General Survey the subject concerning a good number of parents was School Meals - the lack of choice depending which sitting their child was on, with very little choice later on in the lunchtime. As a result of these comments we have worked closely with Kirklees Catering Services & our cook, and have recently implemented a banding system whereby the children can choose their menu option at registration in the morning and our cook will prepare their menu choice. In a very short time, this has proven to work and alleviated the concerns raised. We now have happier children, parents and less food waste in the kitchen.

The Children's Survey in 2013 brought up requests for after school activities. Since September 2013 we have offered a greater variety of After School Clubs for our children. Please see the After School Clubs 'Pencil' heading for more information.

Other issues raised by parents and pupils which have been addressed since the last survey was conducted are:

Provision for children on sandwiches, the quality and variety of outdoor facilities, the variety of PE opportunities, an adventurous residential for older pupils, pupil involvement in leading school liturgy, better quality and more interesting books in classrooms.

There is a ‘You said- We did’ display in the hall showing details of the improvements we have made as a result of feedback from the last survey.

Below are just a few examples of feedback from parents from our April 2015 survey:

"After- school provision is excellent."

"Any concerns are dealt with effectively. I feel communication is good at the school. My child loves coming to this school."

"The staff input, pastoral care and Catholic ethos are exceptional."

"Holy Spirit is a valued and respected school and the children who attend are polite, respectful, honest and kind and follow the faith. They work to high standards and hopefully move on to be good people and high achievers."

"A very good school that I would recommend to any other parent – thank-you."

Some comments from children:

"This school is lovely, helpful and happy."

"I love this school and the teachers help me learn. This is a good school for children."

"I like this school because I have got friends."

"I like the astro-turf and the woods."

"I like the dinner ladies, I like the teachers, I like the classrooms"



EPR - (Education for Personal Relationships - Sex education)

After lots of consideration, we introduced Education for Personal Relationships (EPR) in September 2013.  We held a meeting for parents prior to delivering the programme, to give them as much information as possible.  We also sent out emails with the information. 

During the Autumn parents evening, parents were invited to complete a short survey asking for their thoughts and opinions on the introduction of this in school.  The survey centred on communication, appropriateness and general feedback.

A total of 51 families completed the survey which covered all year groups and a total of 75 children.

Results:  88% of parents have used the information provided by school to discuss EPR with their children.

74% of parents thought that EPR supported the Catholic ethos, 26% were unsure.

92% of parents scored 3 or more out of 5 for how well EPR was communicated to them.

94% of parents scored 3 or more for how well a tool this has been to engage their children on the topic of EPR.

Below are a few examples of feedback from parents:

"An excellent way to introduce a sensitive subject"

"Superb Presentation"