Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School

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Admissions  to Holy Spirit Catholic Primary

The closing date for admissions is 15th January in the same year that your child will start school.

Kirklees pupil admissions is a fully automated online only system to apply for a school place HOWEVER as the Governors of our school are the Admissions Authority IT IS VITAL THAT YOU ALSO complete a paper Supplementary Information Form (SIF) available from school or by clicking on the link below.  The SIF contains VITAL information needed for the Governing Body in order to prioritise our admissions.  Baptised Catholic children are given priority; in accordance with our Admissions Policy. 

If your child is a baptised Catholic, Baptismal Certificates MUST be provided to support your application - if you do not have one, these are available from your Parish Priest.  (without the Certificate, we cannot prioritise your child appropriately).

You can only register for a place from September the year before your child is due to start school. eg child due to start in September 2022, on-line applications open on 1st September 2021.   

If you need any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Our Governors will meet soon after the closing date of 15th January to allocate places as per our Admissions Policy.  We then notify Kirklees School Admissions of the names of the children who will be offered a place with us.  Kirklees Pupil Admissions will write to all parents on behalf of the Governors during April in the  year that your child will start school.


Click on document below to view the relevant Admissions Policy and please remember that a Supplementary Information Form MUST be completed and handed in to the school office, for each Admission Request to school. click on the document below to download/view a copy of the form.


Admissions Policy 2022/2023 -  Information for children starting school in September 2022

Supplementary Information Form 2022 - for children starting school in September 2022


Supplementary Information Form 2021 - for children starting school from September 2021 

This form MUST be completed for all applicants & handed in to school

Admissions Policy 2021/2022 - information for children starting school in September 2021

Admissions Catchment Area Map - St Paul's Cleckheaton & Holy Spirit Heckmondwike

Click on the link below to be directed to Kirklees Council website for more information on admissions.


School Transfers mid-year.

If you are moving into the area or wish your child to transfer to our school mid-year, you need to complete a Governors supplementary form (click on link above) and a Kirklees In Year Admissions paper form.  To find out if any places are available, or If you require any further help or information about admissions, please ring us on 01924 400820.


Please click on the Admission Appeal Timetable below if you need to know how to appeal against the Governors' decision.  The document states the time line used for all Appeals.

Admissions Appeals Timetable

2020/2021 - Due to Covid-19 the way we administer & hear appeals this year will be subject to some changes.  Parents return the form to the school & must give an email address for communication for the Clerk to Governors who is working remotely.  Thank you.

If you are not offered a place in school and wish to appeal against the Governors' decision, please click on the link below to download the form, complete it and return in to the school.

Form to appeal against Governors Decision 2020