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Data Protection Privacy Notice

Schools, Local Authorities, the Department for Education and a number of other organisations are all 'data controllers' under the Data Protection Act 1998 in that they determine the purpose(s) for which 'personal data' is processed and the way in which that processing is done.

Data Controllers have to provide 'data subjects' (children, staff) with details of who they are, the purposes for which they process the data and any other information that is necessary to make the processing of the personal data fair, including any third parties to whom the data may be passed on.  This is done by what is referred to as a 'Privacy Notice'

Parents / carers / children do need to be made aware of the content of the Privacy notice but do not need to be given an individual copy (unless they request one or the school decides it is necessary).  Our Privacy Notice is on display on the Reception area noticeboard and can also be viewed by clicking the link below:


Privacy Notice 2020/2021

Our Data Protection Officer is Mr John Cooper


Pupil Records and various documents pertaining to the running of the school, Governance & all Administration documents have different Retention Periods.  Click on the link below to view the schedule:

Data Retention Schedule